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Russell Westbrook’s 28-point, 21-assist, 13-rebound performance against the Atlanta Hawks was a record breaker

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Russell Westbrook has just made history.

No, it was not for his historically bad shooting this time, but for something a little more positive and impactful.

At the time of writing this, the Washington Wizards find themselves a half a game behind the Indiana Pacers for the ninth seed in the NBA play-in, part of the extended playoffs the NBA chose to keep from last season. …

The 50–40–90 club has only welcomed eight players into its rare company, but will this year be the year it welcomes the ninth?

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If you don’t know by now that Kyrie Irving is a superstar basketball player, you’ve been living under a rock. If you refuse to admit Kyrie is a superstar, you’re blinded by his off-court antics, which shouldn’t even be considered antics at this point. As much as I would love to talk about why Irving is hated for no reason, because he’s really attacked for next to nothing, that’s a whole different story.

Irving is averaging 27.4 points per game, which ties his career-high from last season, and 6.2 assists with 5.8 rebounds a game. His 1.4 steals per game…

Summer camps are always fun, regardless of what you’re intentions are there.

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Let’s be honest. We’ve all seen that hottie before and thought-Damnnnnn. Rawr. Yowza.

And if you haven’t, well, you haven’t lived yet.

It seems like summer camps are the perfect place for these kinds of stories to take place. Although summer camps do have counselors watching you, most of the camp is spent doing whatever you feel like doing. Whether that be playing Uno, dominating at kickball…or summer flings. Those too.

The engineering summer camp I went to in Rochester just happened to be one of those camps with a lot of downtime in between. What exactly did I do…

Mariners fans have been tortured for years watching their team fall just short of reaching the playoffs.

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It’s happening again.

The Seattle Mariners are already owners of the longest postseason drought in North American Sports right now, but to make matters worse, they always tease their fans just enough to give them hope before falling apart. The fans of this Seattle franchise have been tormented for so long now, it’s almost comical.


Mariners fans certainly wouldn’t think this is funny, as they’ve watched their team squander 19 different roster en route to 19 years without even a single playoff appearance, and while it’s much too early to predict how their season will turn out, it certainly…

After an underwhelming start to his career in Los Angeles, Randle is finally living up to the hype that surrounded him when he was drafted

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It wasn’t that long ago that many thought Julius Randle was just putting up empty stats on a horrendous New York Knicks team.

For the past twenty years, the New York Knicks and everyone associated with them had been mocked to death, largely because of their shortcomings as a basketball franchise despite being one of the most iconic basketball teams ever. This year, the Knicks were projected to not even come close to making the playoffs, but they find themselves in the hunt for the fourth seed at the pole position with 15 games left to play. …

What Is Wrong with the Yankees?

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As a Boston Red Sox fan, this is all too sweet.

It feels as though this article is writing itself, because I love to roast the Yankees every chance I get. With the Bronx “Bombers” off to their worst start since 1991, it’s too resisting not to talk about why they’ve quickly fallen into the bottomless pit that is the worst team in the American League right now. …

The Boston Celtics have struggled mightily to meet expectations, but perhaps their recent hot streak has them on the right track

Edited | Original: Brian Babineau/Getty

For most of the season, the Celtics have been mired in the misery of mediocrity, floating around .500 for quite some time.

It always seemed like they were getting back on track only to fall apart again with yet another mini-collapse. Basketball is a game of runs, but there have been two editions of the Boston Celtics this season. In Jekyll and Hyde fashion, the Celtics would hang with the best and come out on top over teams like the Western Conference heavyweight Denver Nuggets only to lose to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers.

Finally, after months of torture, the Celtics…

The Rockets have always been one of the NBA’s more successful franchises, but this year they’ve looked anything but successful without former franchise stalwart James Harden

Source of Image: Michael Wyke of the AP, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

For every year that James Harden has been on the roster, the Houston Rockets have made the playoffs.

His presence has always ensured that the Rockets will be kept afloat and are guaranteed at least to make it to the second round, but now that Harden is off with the Brooklyn Nets, the Rockets have struggled to stay afloat without him.

They’ve regressed in almost every major category, and their record has plummeted without Harden. Before Harden was traded, the Rockets sputtered out to a 3–6 record, capitalized by an awful 17-point blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers to…

NBA referees have become more intolerable than ever, and yet nothing is done to fix it

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This war is nothing new to both fans and players themselves, but recently things have gotten upsetting, to the point where it’s concerning.

NBA referees are still human after all and are allowed to make mistakes, but sometimes you just have to wonder how much of a better job you could have done in their place. No disrespect to NBA referees in general, but it’s almost as if some of these calls are made with both eyes shut. …

After bouncing around the league for a couple of years, this could be the last team Thomas plays for if he doesn’t impress

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It’s not often that you can say the last pick in the draft had a better prime than the first overall pick, but that’s exactly what happened to Isaiah Thomas.

Kyrie Irving, the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, has no doubt had the better career. However, Thomas’ prime was one of the better regular season the NBA has ever seen. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the height of his career was better than any other in his draft class. …

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