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The Rockets have always been one of the NBA’s more successful franchises, but this year they’ve looked anything but successful without former franchise stalwart James Harden

Source of Image: Michael Wyke of the AP, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

For every year that James Harden has been on the roster, the Houston Rockets have made the playoffs.

His presence has always ensured that the Rockets will be kept afloat and are guaranteed at least to make it to the second round, but now that Harden is off with the Brooklyn Nets, the Rockets have struggled to stay afloat without him.

They’ve regressed in almost every major category, and their record has plummeted without Harden. Before Harden was traded, the Rockets sputtered out to a 3–6 record, capitalized by an awful 17-point blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers to…

NBA referees have become more intolerable than ever, and yet nothing is done to fix it

Source of Image: House of Highlights, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

This war is nothing new to both fans and players themselves, but recently things have gotten upsetting, to the point where it’s concerning.

NBA referees are still human after all and are allowed to make mistakes, but sometimes you just have to wonder how much of a better job you could have done in their place. No disrespect to NBA referees in general, but it’s almost as if some of these calls are made with both eyes shut. …

After bouncing around the league for a couple of years, this could be the last team Thomas plays for if he doesn’t impress

Source of Image: Yahoo! Sports, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

It’s not often that you can say the last pick in the draft had a better prime than the first overall pick, but that’s exactly what happened to Isaiah Thomas.

Kyrie Irving, the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, has no doubt had the better career. However, Thomas’ prime was one of the better regular season the NBA has ever seen. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the height of his career was better than any other in his draft class. …

The Phoenix Suns have been awful for as long as anyone can remember — but this year has been a little different

Source of Image: Photo by Michael Gonzales, NBAE via Getty Images, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

How long has it been?

The Phoenix Suns have dragged along as one of the league’s biggest laughingstocks ever since the Steve Nash era, which is saying something considering Nash has since retired and is now the coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Their front office was constantly shooting themselves in the foot, and they never could do anything right. In fact, besides drafting Devin Booker, the Suns in the last couple of years have done nothing right.

This year is a little different though.

And no, this team is no fluke. The 2019–20 edition of the Phoenix Suns started out…

Johnny Juzang and UCLA’s incredible run came to an end at the hands of Gonzaga, but their story isn’t over yet

Source of Image: The Associated Press, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

Johnny Juzang and UCLA wore the glass slipper as this year’s Cinderella, but this year’s Bruins never should have been the one to wear the slipper in the first place.

To put into perspective just how mind-blowing it was that UCLA was even able to bring this game to overtime, Gonzaga had not lost in over 440 days before their clash with UCLA. Until their matchup with UCLA, they hadn’t trailed the entire tournament. …

Is it really that necessary for you to have a specific type?

Source of Image: iStock Photos, created by Jovanmandic,

I was told by a friend of mine recently that it was odd I didn’t have a type.

She said that it seemed like I chased after whoever I felt like chasing after, and there wasn’t really a certain type of person I was looking for love in. Her intentions weren’t to critique like a painting or anything, she was just looking out for me. It made me take a step back and really evaluate that phrase though.

The word “type” has been tossed around so many times whenever the topic of love brings it up, and it’s often used…

With only four teams left in this year’s NCAA Tournament, the margin for error is even slimmer, as one mistake can send you home

Source of Image: Jamie Squire of Getty Images, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

It feels like it just started yesterday, but March Madness is already coming to a close.

Even though it’s towards the end, the tournament isn’t over yet, with the four strongest teams in the tournament left still standing. These four teams have had to deal with it all en route to the Final Four, and every team I’m about to describe deserves their spot in this elite group. You can argue with me about how difficult or easy their path was, but they’re in the Final Four, and you are not.

This tournament has been full of surprises ever since…

The Celtics may be struggling this season, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the growth of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum has been incredible

Source of Image: Nathaniel S. Butler, NBAE via Getty Images, Edited with Adobe Photoshop

It would be the understatement of the century to say this season hasn’t gone according to plan for the Boston Celtics.

They’ve struggled to stay healthy, and lead the league in COVID-19 related absences. Kemba Walker missed the entire first half of the season with his knee injury, and hasn’t looked like the max player that Boston signed him to be. Marcus Smart has only been able to play in 28 games to this point because of a calf tear, and both of their free agency acquisitions bombed and had no impact.

Jeff Teague was dumped off to Orlando because…

Edited | Original: Isaiah J. Downing/USA Today

“George! WAY-OFF, hits the side of the backboard!”

Ever since their collapse in the second round of the playoffs at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, the L.A. Clippers have been the butt of plenty of jokes. They became one of the few teams to blow a 3–1 lead in the playoffs, and fell short of the championship aspirations they had set themselves up for. With no way to add a major upgrade to the roster since the Paul George trade depleted most of their assets, the expectations for the Clippers were tempered for the upcoming season.

Regardless of how…

Never forget your first love

Source of Image: iStock Photos from Getty Images, created by Mixmike,

We’ve all let our attempts at relationships derail our life before.

Even if we won’t ever admit it, there’s been at least one person we’ve let take over our life, regardless of how unrequited or one-sided that attempt was. Our desire to be with that person, the flame of passion we had for them, burned so badly that we were willing to do anything to make it work. Not only that, but we also let it consume us, distract us from our everyday life.

When in life or falling hard for someone, the rest of your everyday life becomes a…

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